Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I picked out Mr Seahorse from our book cabinet today to read to the children. It is one of the few Eric Carle books I've never read before, I was so happy I finally did. The book has tons of great factoids about 'father' sea creatures and
 how they care for their eggs and young. The kids (and teachers) found all the facts so interesting and all the information was perfectly short and direct so I never felt I was trying to force info into wandering attention spans. 
Check out this page by clicking here for even more fascinating facts from national geographic.   

Another awesome thing about the book was all the great camouglaged ocean animals hidden behind beautifully illustrated acetate pages. 
 There was some hidden behind seaweed, coral reef and a rock.This book is now  a 'must read' on our bookshelf partly because they get to expose those animals in hiding by lifting the acetate pages.
Which is ALWAYS a fun thing!

My absolute favorite part though was the chance to put dads in the highlight. And Mr. Seahorse couldn't be a better representative for all the Dads out there.  When Mrs.Seahorse announces that it is time for her to lay her eggs, Mr. Seahorse humbly asks, “Can I help?” She then lays her eggs into a pouch in the belly of her mate, who lovingly announces, “I’ll take good care of our eggs....I promise.”
 Then the great dad, goes on to meet other fish who are also carrying—or protecting—eggs, such as Mr. Tilapia, who carries eggs in his mouth, and Mr.Kurtus, who has stuck his mate’s eggs on top of his head. The chipper Mr. Seahorse gives each words of encouragement (“Keep up the good work”; “You must be very happy”; “You are doing a fine job”).  
He's such a great guy, don't you think? 
His Momma would be so proud. 

We used this as a jumping board to discuss all the things our dads do for us and how they help take care of us.

  • Make sure to check out playingbythebook they have tons of wonderful reviews and lessons all based on kids books. Check out their ocean and seas lesson plans here for more book ideas, some great crafts, links and printables. 
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