Thursday, October 6, 2011


This little guy is only 2.5 and can spell three letter phonetic words, can match all the lower case alphabet to upper case, can spell his name, knows all his numbers from 1-100. His behavior was not so great when he first began school, but he has made a drastic change since starting school.  I'm hopeful he is one of our long term returning montessori students. I look forward to the challenge of having such a high flyer through the three year cycle

WE LOVE BOOKS IN OUR CLASS !!!! This is our after lunch routine while we wait for the others to finish or until we are able to line up for the playground, 
This Birthday Card lesson is a favorite with teachers and students alike. We set this lesson up each time someone in our class is celebrating their birthday. The kids love making the cards for the special birthday friend and of course the birthday child feels so special going home with 19 handmade cards from their friends.
And a FAVORITE practical life lesson 
5 little speckled frogs sitting on a speckled log.  


We had a hard job the beginning of this year, WE were the class everyone talked about. The kids started out completely out of control and they were all feeding off each others negative behavior.I never would have thought that only six weeks into school I would honestly say I feel like we crossed to the other side. We still have our issues and things we are constantly reminding the children of, but I can tell you they are all smart as a whip, hard workers,, they've become so much kinder towards each other, and they are all doing their best to follow the tules and they are developing amazing self control in such a short time.  and they all are doing wonderful. It took a lot out of us in the beginning, but we remained consistent, stood by the ground rules and we also made it a priority to build the children up in the process. We complimented every small achievement we could and we tried our best to show them that we were happy they were there (even when we might not have felt it)Heres to a great year Blue Room!

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