Sunday, July 10, 2011

If I were president


I would care for people.

I would give them money to
go to the Dr. and help them.

I would make everyone vote.

I would get pizza for myself.

I would invent new inventions.

I would not let anyone get hurt or I'd tell themto be careful.

I would help all the people so we have a better country.

I would get pizza for everyone.I would give my dad money.

Give money to people to buy stuff.

 I would give the world some love.

I would carve pumpkins for people 
I would care for the people and win. And be nice to the people and don't hit anybody.
I would Give people money.
I would Make money and help people

I would buy pumpkins for everyone.
These presidents may be short in stature but definitely

not short on ideas! <3

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